ProximaX Launches Version 0.5.8 of its Sirius Web Wallet

We have upgraded our web (and local/universal) Sirius Wallet!

New features in version 0.5.8 include:

  1. Multi-level Multi-signature: 

You can now create an account that requires multiple levels of sign-offs to generate transactions.

Multi-signature is a cosignatory agreement between account signatories (e.g., how many need to sign to execute a transaction or remove a signatory). 

The benefit of adding multi-levels to multi-signature is that it enables multiple levels of agreements between cosignatories, making it useful for comprehensive transaction approval processes.

Figure 1: Multi-level multi-signing of a transaction.

Figure 2: Adding multi-signature cosignatories.

Figure 3: A wallet multi-level multi-signature scheme.

  1. Voting:

Voting is now available on the mainnet.  You can create a public or private poll, add whitelisted voters, download voting certificates, and view results.

Figure 4: Ongoing vote.

Figure 5: Vote results.

  1. Delegated Account:

Network participants can use this feature to set up their Validator node safely.  It enables the wallet account containing the funds to use a proxy private key in the node setup. 

Figure 6: Delegate account assignment.

  1. Dashboard:

    The dashboard now lists namespace and asset ownership and includes the ability to filter by block height.

Figure 7: Wallet dashboard.

Download the latest Sirius Web Wallet at our website: